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Zaiwei is the capitol of the Talus Dominion located in the Silverfrost Mountains on the Eastern Continent. Prior to the formation of the Talus Dominion, Zaiwei used to be a large upper class city within the Stratus Empire.

Zaiwei's South District contains the public areas of commerce including:

  • Merchant's Square
  • House of Pleasures
  • Gossamer Inn
  • Autumnbreeze Park
  • Leafshade Courtyard

The main areas of Zaiwei include:

  • Main Courtyard
  • Solyn Palace
  • Royal Chambers
  • Ring of Honor
  • Talus Dungeon
  • Scholar's Courtyard
  • Sweetblossom Pavilion
  • Emissary's Quarters
  • Altar of Divine Will