What Is Rightfully Theirs

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Campaignquest.png What Is Rightfully Theirs
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Type Campaign
Daily No
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Act Act 3, Chapter 27
Preceded by A Road to All Things
Followed by The Dying of the Light
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Rewards 34500 XP
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"It's up to you," Jinsoyun said as she gave the dagger to Ilsim. Ilsim took the dagger with trembling hands and hid it withing his shirt. "Think about all you have lost," Jinsoyun continued. "You can save your people, Ilsim. Fulfill your promise and I will free you from all your suffering."

With that she walked away, and Ilsim was left alone to contemplate what he must do.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

Chapter 27: What Is Rightfully Theirs

-Locate the Talus Mercenary captain in the Beastmaster Camp

-Defeat the Talus soldiers attacking Hammerjaw and speak with him

-Defeat the Talus soldiers attacking Salkhi the swift speak with her

-Defeat Yongwan at the Talus Garrison

-Defeat Ugum

-Chase Ugum to Brightstone Village

-Defeat Ugum at Brightstone Village

-Defeat Doyuhan at the Soulstone Mine

-Speak with Hojao