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Wielding a massive greatsword, the Warden is both capable of absorbing punishment and unleashing it upon its foes. This resilient tank will decimate all those who stand in its way, even if it must spill its own blood to do so.

Mastery of the Warden involves the balance of when to control the enemy and neutralize their attacks and when to unleash their fury to slay the enemy. The Warden is mobile as well, able to maneuver around the battlefield in order to deflect opponent attacks and intercept their targets.

The Warden will choose the path of Lightning or Frost. The Lightning Warden embodies the chaos of a storm and uses Frenzy Stance to furiously slash at its enemies with no regard for its own life. The Frost Warden embraces the elements, using the power of the sun and moon to enter an enlightened state of Sentry Stance and overwhelm the opponent with devestating strikes.

~ Official Class Description
Warden icon.pngWarden
Warden character.png
3.5/5, Hard
Gon, Jin, Lyn


This class has race limitations and can only be played with three races: the Gon, Jin, and the Lyn.

Resource Mechanic[]



Wardens build up Resilience to shield themselves from damage.

Skills List[]



The following screenshots were taken from the character creation screen at Awakening patch release in NA.

Assassin icon.pngAssassin Blade Dancer icon.pngBlade Dancer Blade Master icon.pngBlade Master Destroyer icon.pngDestroyer Force Master icon.pngForce Master

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