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The Blade and Soul user interface, or UI, is composed of every visible elements and menus the player can see and interact with to complete tasks. The user interface is highly customizable. In fact, the player can move any part of the UI to where he or she feels like it belongs to. The UI can be modified at any point in time while playing. To open the UI Customization window, the player can press [SHIFT] + [F1]. Another method can be to hit the ESC key and select the "Customize UI" option in the bottom-right window that will pop up.

GameUI HeaderIcon 130.png Inventory[]

The inventory is the player's primary storage and item management tool. It is accessed by pressing the Key Alphabet I 128.png key.


The inventory consist of 3 main parts:

Inventory Section Description
Inventory.png First The first section features two main buttons for switching between the Inventory PlayerStatus.png equipped items/inventory and the Inventory EquipGem01.pngAlternative Soul Shield view.

It also shows the current equipped items, Soul Shields and money.
The two-arrowed button switches between the current and the alternative Soul Shield.

Second The next section displays the items you are currently carrying along with you.

Every item that isn't stackable and not already inside your inventory will use one slot.
If an item is picked up, even though your inventory is full, the Inventory Overflow mechanic is triggered.
At the right side of the section you see buttons that are connected to the types of the items.
Clicking those will grey out all items, that are not part of the selected type. Those types are:

  • Inventory Common.png: All items
  • Inventory Weapon.png: Equipment
  • Inventory EquipGem02.png: Soul Shields
  • Inventory Gather.png: Usable items
  • Inventory Material.png: Ingridients
  • Inventory Etc.png: Other
The inventory can hold up to 8 items per row.

It consists of a maximum of 11 rows and therefore 88 slots.
Row 1-5 are free and 6-11(1-6) must be paid for to gain access to.
For more information on upgrading the inventory see here: Inventory Expansion

Third The last section offers a large variaty of access to other functions. Those are:


The inventory can be expanded to hold a maximum of 88 different items, each using a slot.


The mini-map appears on a player's screen. By default, it shows the immediate area a player is in.

Bamboo Village.png

The mini-map can be scrolled through just like the normal map. There are waypoints on the map, depicted as a green spiral, that can be access for quick travel. Teleporting takes 10 seconds to cast.

Viridian Coast Map.png

When the mini-map is not selected, it fades out as to not obstruct gameplay. Pressing the N key will allow the user to toggle between a solid or transparent background.

Faded Mini Shawn.png

While in a party, note that you can use the right mouse button to draw directly on the mini-map to direct attention or give directions.

Game Menu[]

Game Menu Bar[]

Restricted game menu bar in Whirlwind Valley

The Game Menu Bar appears on the bottom right hand corner of the screen by pressing the Key Esc 128.png key or clicking the corresponding symbol.
It features the following shortcuts:

Symbol Shortcut Function Symbol Shortcut Function Symbol Shortcut Function
GameUI HeaderIcon 134.png Key Alphabet H 128.png Clan GameUI HeaderIcon 02.png Key Alphabet P 128.png Character Status GameUI HeaderIcon 42.png Key F7 128.png Party Finder
GameUI HeaderIcon 130.png Key Alphabet I 128.png Inventory GameUI HeaderIcon 166.png Key Alphabet U 128.png Achievements GameUI HeaderIcon 08.png Key F8 128.png Dungeon/Battleground Lobby
GameUI HeaderIcon 18.png Key Alphabet J 128.png Questlog GameUI HeaderIcon 111.png Key Ctrl Big 128.png+Key Alphabet C 128.png Currency Exchange GameUI HeaderIcon 136.png Key F9 128.png Arena Match
GameUI HeaderIcon 34.png Key Alphabet K 128.png Martial Tome GameUI HeaderIcon 22.png Key F4 128.png Friends GameUI HeaderIcon 126.png Key F10 128.png Hongmoon Shop
GameUI HeaderIcon 82.png Key Alphabet M 128.png World Map GameUI HeaderIcon 210.png Key F5 128.png Marketplace GameUI HeaderIcon 02 10.png Key F11 128.png Ranking

Depending on your location and ability to access certain functions, some shortcuts may not be available.

Game Menu Window[]

Also another window pops up which gives you access to even more features that are split into two categories such as:

Additional Features System Menu
Icon Description Shortcut Icon Description Shortcut
GameUI MenuIcon 147.png Daily Dash - GameUI MenuIcon 65.png Escape -
GameUI MenuIcon 27.png Character Info Key F2 128.png GameUI MenuIcon 177.png Announcements Key F1 128.png
GameUI MenuIcon 129.png Mail Key F6 128.png GameUI MenuIcon 83.png Settings Key Alphabet O 128.png
GameUI MenuIcon 145.png Crafting & Gath


Key Alphabet L 128.png GameUI MenuIcon 99.png Customize UI Key Shift Big 128.png+Key F1 128.png
GameUI MenuIcon 113.png Photo Gallery - GameUI MenuIcon 35.png Select Channel -
GameUI MenuIcon 13.png Wardrobe Key F3 128.png GameUI MenuIcon 115.png Change


GameUI MenuIcon 243.png Hide Characters Key Ctrl Big 128.png+Key Alphabet F 128.png GameUI MenuIcon 241.png Quit Game -
GameUI MenuIcon 193.png Hide Pet Key Ctrl Big 128.png+Key Alphabet G 128.png

The buttons can vary depending on your area. In Whirlwind Valley for example, another GameUI MenuIcon 01.png Exit button is shown, but can't be pressed.