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The Force Master class uses their inner Chi to deliver a variety of devastating blows to their enemies. Using the Ki-Gong-Pe, a Chi bracelet they wear around their wrist, they can shoot off many different forms of abilites, ranging from fire explosions to chi leeching techniques that deliver unavoidable attacks and grabs. Force Masters are the masters of control, they can apply movement impairing effects to multiple enemies, allowing them to take on more than one foe at a time. Force Masters are closest to the wizards and magi of traditional RPGs. They can utilize powerful fire and ice elemental attacks from a distance, but have low HP.

Force Masters play quite differently from the other classes in Blade & Soul. Force Masters' systematic combos don't chain very high like the other classes in Blade & Soul. Their patterns of utilizing skills are fairly simple compared to the other classes, this places them in the "easy to control" group of classes. However, keep in mind that their lack of defense and low health make up for their ease of control. Force Masters have to be aware at all times or they will find themselves dead within a matter of seconds.

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