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Twilight's Edge
Faction The Four Guardians
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Race Sword
Gender Sword
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First Quest
Twilight's Edge (Quest)
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The Twilight's Edge is a sword of infinite power bestowed upon the Four Guardians by the Divine Realm when demons and Dark Chi threatened to overrun the Earthen Realm.

Legend has it that the weapon not only gives its wielder unbelievable power, but that it can change its form to suit whomever wielded it.

It's original wielder was Jiwan, the Righteous Blade who used it to fight back the demons in Highland Central. After Jiwan's murder, Master Hong kept it close, disguised as his walking staff. Jinsoyun attacked Heaven's Reach and killed Master Hong to take back the blade of her former master. The sword is then used as an anchor for the Divine Mandate Ritual. The hero uses the sword to seal the gate leading to the Dark Realm, shattering the blade into pieces that were scattered around the Eastern Continent.


The sword was initially given to the Four Guardians when the Naryu Empire fell and darkness began to threaten the Earthen Realm. Jiwan became its wielder, giving her the title Righteous Blade. When Highland Central was falling to darkness as Dark Chi flooded the city, Jiwan used the sword to drive back the invading demons.

Mushin attacked Jiwan as she was transferring her Chi to her student, Jinsoyun in order to steal the sword for himself. Jinsoyun takes the sword and flees on orders from Jiwan, but is confronted by the other guardians, Hong Sokyun and Iksanun. Mushin accuses Jinsoyun of killing her master to steal the Twilight's Edge and before she is able to tell the truth, attempt to strike her down. Jiwan shields Jinsoyun from the blow, sacrificing herself. Enraged, Jinsoyun uses the sword to battle the other guardians, leaving a scar upon Mushin's face and severely injuring Iksanun. After Master Hong stops her, he takes the sword and disguises it as his walking staff for many years until Jinsoyun, powered with Dark Chi, returns to take back the sword of her former master.

Jinsoyun planned to use the Twilight's Edge as an anchor in another Divine Mandate Ritual. The hero stops the ritual from completing by using the sword's power to seal the gate to the Dark Realm, shattering it into pieces that were scattered around the Eastern Continent. The hero is currently seeking the pieces of the sword to reconstruct the blade to combat the second wave of darkness threatening the Earthen Realms.

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