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Transmutation is a system in which the player can transmute items into different ones for a cost. The transmute window can be accessed from the bottom of the inventory window. It does not require membership of any gathering or crafting guild.

Gem Transmutation Notes[edit | edit source]

The success rate for transmuting gems below the Heptagonal tier is 100%, but the type of gem you will receive will be random. However, the gem received can be influenced by the type used when transmuting. For example, if you use 2 Stun Rubies and 1 Additional Damage Ruby, you will have a higher chance (although not guaranteed) of receiving a Stun Ruby as a result of the transmutation.[1]

List of transmutable items[edit | edit source]

Festival[edit | edit source]

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Outfit[edit | edit source]

Gem[edit | edit source]

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