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:[[Force Master Training Tree|Force Master]]
:[[Force Master Training Tree|Force Master]]
:[[Destroyer Training Tree|Destroyer]]
:[[Destroyer Training Tree|Destroyer]]
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The Blade Masters Training System Tree

Many will find this system to be similar to skill trees in other well known RPG games, but with its own unique characteristics. A Skill tree is an aspect of some games that allow custom configurations of a characters abilities.

Blade & Soul provides its players with many ways to create a unique character, allowing them to customize it to fit their play style. The ‘Training’ system is one of many ways to do this. Once your character reaches level 15 the training system will unlock. Through the training system and leveling, your character will unlock hidden powers to fend off evil.

You will be given one point to spend in the tree upon reaching level 15, every level gained after that will give you an additional point. Much like other skill trees in various other games, you'll need to spend a certain amount of points within a tree to unlock more advanced skills. Your character will be able to learn entirely new abilities with this system as well as strengthening already available skills. When you hear "strengthening" you would think the damage of certain moves will be increased, but in this case you can also make your counters last a bit longer, increase the duration of your stuns or even open up more combo options for certain skills, not to mention making certain skills available when you are immobilized. The training system focuses more on utility of the skills rather than power. For example, a Kung-Fu Masters Leap Stomp has a 12 second cool down, but if you put a point in this skill it will allow the leap stomp cool down to be reset when you use the Force Punch skill. In addition, it will also allow the use of Force Punch when you are stunned.

The skills you put in this system can be reset at any given moment. However, the cost of the reset will vary on how many points you spent in the given tab. For example with 4 points in the training system you would need 76 Silver, whereas with 5 points it will cost 95 silver.

How the System is Organized

The training tab is organized with two categories; the singular column on the left are your active skills, and the two larger columns on the right side are the utility aspects of the related skill on the left column. In order to put points in to the right side columns you need to first take the active skill on the left side of the same line.

Class Training Lists

Below is a list of all the four classes abilities, ability modifiers and their descriptions found in each of their training system tabs. Keep in mind that the Destroyer's training tab was incomplete on Blade & Soul's first CBT, so information is limited.

Use the links below to jump to a class.

Blade Master
Kung-Fu Master
Force Master