Training Begins

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Campaignquest.png Training Begins
Type Campaign
Daily No
Class [[{{{class}}}]]
Act Act 0, Chapter 6
Level {{{level}}}
Preceded by Disciple of the Hongmoon School
Followed by The Proving Grounds
Given by Yungmuk
Starts in Heaven's Reach
Also occurs in {{{locations}}}
Ends in Heaven's Reach
Turn in to Yungmuk
Rewards {{{rewards}}}
Rewards 1 Basic skills
Premium Level {{{plvl}}}
Duration {{{duration}}}

"Focus!" Lusung yelled at Jinyung during their training, his lip curling in what Jinyung perceived as anger. Lusung was always intense when he was training, so perhaps Jinyung was overreacting. But as their session continued, Jinyung had to stifle her own anger at her fellow student as he continued barking orders and practically snarling as he struck the training dummy, over and over.

After the session, however, Lusung flashed that smile of his and apologized for "being a tad forceful," as he called it. They chatted about how wild the wind had been over the past few days - enough to knock over their feast table- and about a new little hiding place Lusung had found on a nearby floating island, Jinyung never could stay mad at Lusung for long.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

  1. Talk to Yungmuk in the Duel Hall
  2. Use skills on Training Dummy as directed by Yungmuk (exact skills will vary by class)

Progress[edit | edit source]

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

"Your training begins now. I expect your full attention."

1. Talk to Yungmuk at the Duel Hall

"Let us begin with the very fundamentals of martial arts.
Your opponent must be targeted and within range for your skills to be effective. Even the most powerful skill is worthless if it cannot reach the target.
The basic skills of a <player's class> are Mouse left click.png <LMB skills>. Target your opponent and you will see the available skills at the bottom of the screen.
Pressing Mouse left click.png uses <LMB skills>. Gain Focus by using these skills. Focus is consumed when you use other, more powerful skills."

2. Use skills on training dummies as directed by Yungmuk (exact skills will vary by class)

"I don't need to practice."
"It takes years to master these skills. Don't neglect your training. For now, let's try another one."
"You must focus in order to use these skills properly. The training will continue later."