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Tomb of the Exiles
Tomb of the Exiles.jpg
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Boss Infernal Lord
Maximum Party 6
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Cross Server Matching Yes
Recommended AP N/A
Required Level N/A
Recommended Level N/A
Region Razorwing Ravine
Nearest Windstride Tomb of the Exiles
Daily Quest [[{{{daily}}}]]

Tomb of the Exiles is a heroic, 6 players dungeon located in the northwestern corner of Razorwing Ravine.


Tomb of the Exiles must be completed by players to obtain class-restricted, non-tradable infernal weapon to evolve their stage 10 Blight Hongmoon weapon. An infernal weapon is always dropped in the final loot chest. Each player will also receive the dynamic quest An Infernal Curse where killing the Infernal Lord is its goal and will reward the player with a chest containing a locked infernal weapon chest, varies amount of Infernal Lord's Horn and variety of other loots upon completion.

Tomb of the Exiles is split into three parts, with mini-bosses at the end of the first two parts. These mini-bosses drop the Sealed Infernal Ring and Sealed Infernal Necklace, both of which are breakthrough items, in that order. They also drop Sacrifice Soul Shield pieces, which are an upgrade to the Cinderlands Renowned Valor's Soul Shield and can last you before E.Fleet Supply Chains. The Infernal Lord, the boss at the end of the third part, drops the Sealed Infernal Necklace, random class-restricted Infernal weapon(s), and a Locked Infernal Weapon Chest and a Locked Offering Weapon Chest which must be opened with keys. For those with Brilliant Cinderland keys, it is recommended that you use them on this box as there are no later dungeons in the Cinderlands that offer better loot. In fact, saving the one key you get for specifically this box is likely to save you a lot of time in terms of advancing your weapon.

This Dungeon contains a hidden optional Treasure Room after the end of the second mini-boss, right before fighting the Terracotta General and Infernal Lord. At a drop off pit, there is a switch on a statue's arm to the left of where you stand from the drop off and that opens the gate directly across from it. This room spawns 3 types of enemies - the Pot Dogs Grave Raider Brothers, Spider Hatchlings and also has a slight chance spawning mini-boss Spider Matriarch. Upon defeats, none of the 3 types of enemies drop any loot. Instead, one of the two chests will be available for looting. Does not consume Key upon looting.

Neither the Brothers' nor the Spider Hatchlings' chest contains anything but a Broken Spider Fang, Only the Spider Matriarch's chest will guarantee contains an Ordinary Fragment Pouch with 4 to 5 Healing Tonics. There is also rare chance that the chest will contain the Spider Fang, a head piece adornment.

Dragonblood can be used in this dungeon; they are placed right before each of the bosses of each stage. Up to two drops can be used throughout the entire dungeon.


Bosses Level HP Monsters
Underboss Bi Chunham 36 150,650
  • Bodyguard Lak Rin
Underboss Shin Mugang 36 117,300
  • Muwol
  • Mengwol
Terracotta General 36 ??? TerraCotta Guards
Spider Matriarch 36 134,550
  • N/A
Infernal Lord 37 291,000
  • N/A


Spider Fang
Broken Spider Fang
Infernal Lord's Eyebrow
Infernal Lord's Mask
Burning Flames
Healing Tonic
Infernal Lord's Horn
Locked Cinderlands Weapon Chest
Locked Darkstone Offering Weapon Chest
Locked Infernal Weapon Chest
Ordinary Fragment Pouch
Sealed Arcane Necklace
Sealed Burial Offering Earring
Sealed Burial Offering Necklace
Sealed Buried Offering Ring
Sealed Darkstone Axe
Sealed Darkstone Bangle
Sealed Darkstone Dagger
Sealed Darkstone Gauntlet
Sealed Darkstone Staff
Sealed Darkstone Sword
Sealed Infernal Axe
Sealed Infernal Bangle
Sealed Infernal Dagger
Sealed Infernal Gauntlet
Sealed Infernal Staff
Sealed Infernal Sword
Sealed Infernal Earring
Sealed Infernal Necklace
Sealed Infernal Ring
Sealed Sacrifice Soul Shield