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Campaignquest.png The Test of the Eight
The Test of the Eight.jpg
Type Campaign
Daily No
Class [[{{{class}}}]]
Act Act 1, Chapter 17
Level 15
Preceded by The Eight Masters
Followed by Shroom to Grow
Given by Bunah
Starts in Dragonscale
Also occurs in
Ends in Cave of Judgment
Turn in to Old Man Cho
Rewards {{{rewards}}}
Rewards 650 XP
1 Gather cloudy pink gem.png Element of Training
1 Hongmoon Ring Icon.png Hongmoon Ring
1 Viridian poison.png Viridian Poison
1Silver.png 3Copper.png
1 Costume 51001 col2 All.png Twist of Fate
Premium Level {{{plvl}}}
Duration {{{duration}}}

In the beginning, the Dark Realm's foul lord gazed upon the Earthen Realm's beauty and became hateful and jealous. Four legendary and immortal warriors--the Four Guardians--were given divine power and entrusted to safeguard the Earthen Realm from the Dark Lord's wrath. They were Jiwan, the Righteous Blade; Mushin, the Divine Fist; Iksanun, the Realmwalker; and Hong Sokyun, the Earthbreaker.

Such was the legend. But at a time when Dark Chi poisoned the air and Dark Realm fiends threatened the land, the Four Guardians were nowhere to be found. It was up to the Warring Factions--the Cerulean Order and the Crimson Legion--to put aside their differences if there was to be any hope for the Earthen Realm. Clans would need to come together, to choose the very best martial artists amongst them, in a desperate bid to locate the Guardians and put an end to the Dark Lord's invasion. These chosen men and women would become known as the Eight Masters.


  1. Speak with the Eight Masters
  2. Speak with Old Man Cho
  3. Speak with the Eight Masters
  4. Speak with Hansu
  5. Defeat the Cursed Training Dummies (0/6)
  6. Speak with Sansu
  7. Defeat the Wandering Training Dummies (0/9)
  8. Talk to Old Man Cho at the Cave of Judgment after completing "The Call of the Warring Factions" quest.
  9. Speak with the Eight Masters
  10. Listen to Old Man Cho explain the Martial Tome


1. Speak with the Eight Masters

Madun the Mistwalker:
"You're back! You are the one from my vision! I see much hardship ahead for you."
Gunma the Starblade:
"Oh. It's you. Try your best."
Jinwong the Tempest:
"Your axe does not have Jinsoyun's blood on it. WHY ARE YOU HERE? THIS IS HOW JINWONG SAYS GOODBYE!"
Taywong the Southern Tiger:
"We're really counting on you!"
Onmyung the Celestial Force Master:
"Could it be you? The one from the vision? Admirable."
Myo the Scarlet Shadow:
"You have the face of a killer. I like that. Watch your step."

2. Speak with Old Man Cho

"Oh! Ya made it!"
"Come here. Hmm. Yes. I'd recognize Jinsoyun's handiwork anywhere. She gave you the Mark of the Black Rose. How'd ya get so unlucky to bump into her?"
She killed Master Hong and my schoolmates.
"Jinsoyun killed Master Hong Sokyun? Oh, my. She's knockin' off the Four Guardians one by one. Can't accuse her of being inefficient. That snake in the grass."
What do you know about the Four Guardians?
"Hong the Earthbreaker, Jiwan the Righteous Blade, Mushin the Divine Fist, and Iksanun the Realmwalker. These are the ageless martial arts masters known as the Four Guardians.
They banded together, time untold, to beat back the Dark Lord and save the world from darkness. From that point on, they were appointed by the Divine Realm to protect this world from another attack.
Hong especially was one tough son of a gun. Great singing voice, too.
Anyway, Dark Chi has been seeping out of the ground for a while now. And when the Dark Lord's servant, Jinsoyun, started making a fuss, I figured the Four Guardians would rise up to stamp it out. They never showed, though!
It got to a point where the Warring Factions put aside their differences to form the Eight Masters. Their task? Find the Four Guardians, or what's left of 'em.
I left the world of warriors, so I've been helping a little on the sidelines. But heck, let one of them explain the particulars. They get paid more than I do! Heehee!"
"Go on! Talk with the Eight Masters."

3. Speak with the Eight Masters

"Come closer, child. I won't bite."
"That insufferable little creature Cho already spoke to you about us, yes? But he left out the most important part of the story. You! (Let's see what this warrior can do...)'
I am called the Scarlet Shadow. I am an operative of the Twisted Serpent and a member of the Crimson Legion. That's all you need to know about me.
Our mission was to find the Four Guardians. No small task. Mushin and Jiwan have already shuffled off this mortal coil. And Iksanun has somehow evaded my eye.
And so that left Master Hong. But he was defeated despite possessing the Twilight's Edge. That weapon was worth more than everything and everyone on that island combined.
Anyway, I was just about to ditch these jokers for a disposal job when Madun had one of his "visions." Apparently someone actually survived the massacre on Heaven's Reach. Not only that, but this cockroach was destined to stand against Jinsoyun.
Furthermore, this chosen one would meet us here in this disgusting cavern. So we waited. And waited. And waited some more. And then you finally fell into our laps. Literally.
Now comes the fun part. The trial. Let's see you put your money where Madun's mouth is.
Follow us into the Cavern and the test will begin. I think this is the part where I wish you luck. But I don't. If you require luck to survive a simple test, the entire world is doomed.
Let's get this over with."
"A fellow master of the blade?"
"I am Gunma, the Northern Starblade of Silverfrost Academy. I am also a member of the Cerulean Order. I think that's enough about me.
Master Cho covered most of the important information you need to know, but if you insist on more details, I can oblige.
We've been seeking the Four Guardians for years. Unfortunately, Mushin and Jiwan have long since passed away... And Iksanun is nowhere to be found.
Your Master Hong was our last hope, but we were too late. It is regrettable that you clan brothers and sisters were not strong enough to protect their master from harm.
We were about to give up but then Madun the Mistwalker had a vision: one of Master Hong's pupils survived the attack. Madun prophesized that this Jyan would one day do battle with Jinsoyun and the Dark Lord.
His prophecy also stated that this pupil would come here in need of our help. And then we waited here for you to show up. Really took your time getting here, huh?
I must admit, I have my doubts about your ability to follow in the footsteps of the Four Guardians. Blindly trusting a prophecy is just as bad as ignoring it completely.
Stay behind us and follow us into the cavern. There you will find the test that we have prepared for you. If you are indeed the Chosen One, you will pass, and if not... We will go in search of an alternative."
"Try not to trip on the way into the cavern, Jyan.
"Put 'em up! Ahahaha! I'm just kiddin'. Come on over here to ol' Taywong."
"Hey there, champ! I'm Taywong, of the Namdo Clan and the Crimson Legion. Some folks like to call me the Southern Tiger.

4. Speak with Hansu

"It is good to see you again. You now face the Gate of Heaven. I am your first challenge. Defeat me to advance!"
"That's enough. You have passed the test."
"And so we meet again. I knew you would come this far.
So how was meeting the Council of Eight? You can learn much from them. They represent some of the strongest champions in the Earthen Realm.
Unfortunately, even their combined might is no match for Jinsoyun and her forces of darkness. They're going to need you to reach your potential. Never forget this.
Well, I think that's enough talk for now. Are you ready for the Gate of Heaven?
The goal is simple. Defeat all enemies awaiting in the Gate before they kill you. Best of luck."

5. Defeat the Cursed Training Dummies (0/6)

"Let us continue. Gate of Heaven! Accept your challenger!"
"You can do this, Jyan."

6. Speak with Sansu

"You have passed through the Gate of Heaven. Well done. Now you face me!"
"Astounding. Perhaps you are truly the one we've been waiting for."
"So you're the one Hansu mentioned. You look decent enough.
My associate, Hansu, speaks highly of you. He says you have much potential.

But do not let your guard down. Behind me lies the Gate of Hell, the final test.

As with the previous gate, destroy all enemies you encounter before they destroy you. Do not disappoint us."

7. Defeat the Wandering Training Dummies (0/9)

"We begin now. Open, Gate of Hell! I command you!"
"Keep your wits about you."

8. Talk to Old Man Cho at the Cave of Judgment after completing "The Call of the Warring Factions" quest.

"You've already joined one of the Warring Factions!"
"You made the right choice. Or, the wrong choice, who knows? Now hurry! Meet with the Eight Masters!"

9. Speak with the Eight Masters

"Now, that wasn't so bad, was it?"
"I'm going to do something I rarely do: confess the truth. That test was not difficult.
The test of strength was only one purpose for the exercise. The real reason for the trial was to unblock your Chi to reach your full potential."
What do you mean?
"Those dummies had a special incantation placed on them before the trial. Every thrust of your dagger got you closer and closer to unblocking your Chi. Unfortunately, the process was only a partial success." (Could this warrior really be the one?)
Did I learn anything at all?
"Why yes! Press the Key Alphabet K 128.png key. This'll bring up a summary of what new skills you have available as well as ones you've already learned. I could tell you the best course of training, but where's the fun in that?
As your levels increase, you will learn more about the ways of the Assassin. Aren't you glad you came?
Unfortunately, I think that's all the fun we're going to have today, my darling. You must enter the shadows alone. If you still need assistance, speak with Old Man Cho." (Good luck)
"Get this over with."
"You look puzzled. Were you expecting more of a challenge in the test? Well, you're not wrong. The dummies were aptly named.
We have not been completely honest with you. Yes, it was a test of strength. But it was mostly a test of soul. The trials were designed to heal your damaged Chi."
What do you mean?
"An incantation was placed on the dummies. Each thrust and parry of your blade helped to open your blocked Chi, bit by bit. Unfortunately, your efforts were insufficient and your Chi is still partially blocked. (Could this warrior really be the one?)"
Did I learn anything at all?
"Anyway, let's see what you've learned. Press the Key Alphabet K 128.png key to see what skills you can improve. What skills you choose to train are up to you.
As your level increases, you'll remove more of the blocks on your Chi and gain access to more trainable skills.
There is nothing more the Eight Masters can do for you. Your fate is in your hands. Master Cho can tell you more about the Martial Secrets. Good fortune, Jyan. (Maybe one day this fight will be over...)"

10. Listen to Old Man Cho explain the Martial Tome

"All hail the conquering hero. Now come here!"
"So, feeling good? Feeling prepared? Did the Eight Masters do their thing? Good. Now let me give you a couple tips.
Pressing the Key Alphabet K 128.png key will open your Martial Tome. There you'll see the paths to improve your skills or even learn new skills.
If you want to learn a skill--and hey, who doesn't?--left-click on the skill. Then press the Learn button on the bottom.
Then, by the power of the Ploggles--or something like that--you'll have the skill. Which skills you choose to learn is entirely up to you, so don't ask.
The higher your level, the more skills you can learn. And if I haven't excited you yet, you need to find a different career. Got it? Now, open your book and start your training."