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The Shattered Masts
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Jadestone Village Map.png
Boss Protean Lord Taikhan
Maximum Party 6
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Cross Server Matching Yes
Recommended AP N/A
Required Level N/A
Recommended Level N/A
Region Jadestone Village
Nearest Windstride Jadestone Village
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The Shattered Masts is a heroic dungeon in Jadestone Village.


"Hae Mujin's flagship has been attacked by fiends. The Blackram fight back, but can't defeat the dark horde."
Join Poharan in a daring attempt to rescue Admiral Hae Mujin after a demonic invasion has left the Blackram E. Fleet in ruins. In this level 57 Heroic dungeon, you’ll fight across the wreckage of Blackram ships that have been infiltrated by demons and decimated by Dark Chi. Fighting against fiends, Ebondrake Phantoms, and corrupted pirates, the Shattered Masts dungeon presents a new challenging piece of end-game content, and provides an upgrade material needed for Legendary weapon stages 4–6.



Dailyquest.png Phantom Waves
Dailyquest.png The Shattered Fleet
Dailyquest.png Quiet the Raging Seas
Dquest.png Protean Lord Taikhan


Common Monsters
Monster Name Level Hp Exp
Boss Monsters
Monster Name Level Hp Exp
Protean Lord Taikhan -


Achievements and Titles[]

  • Defeat Taikhan's Husk at the Shattered Masts.
    • (0/1) Mast Shattering
    • (0/10) Masts Mastery
    • (0/100) Mast Effect
    • (0/300) From Husk Til Dawn
    • (0/1,000) Shattering All the Records


  • Outfit
    • Pirate Captain
    • Bilge Rat Hat
    • Working Cat
  • Weapon
    • Wildwater Weapon
  • Soul Shield
    • Twisted Soul Shield #7 & #8
  • Accessory
    • Pinnacle Necklace
    • Pinnacle Bracelet
  • Other
    • Offal of Silence
    • Triangular Gem Chest
    • Sealed Naryu Tablet
    • Naryu Tablet
    • Peculiar Promises Treasure Chest