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Campaignquest.png The Road to Darkness
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Type Campaign
Daily No
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Act Act 4, Chapter 1
Preceded by The Dying of the Light
Followed by A Village Under Siege
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Ends in [[]]
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Rewards 49200 XP
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Mushin's eyes lingered on Yunwa as she floated in silence. Here was the "heir," the one that carried his blood and now, his legacy. He almost envied her youth and her naive innocence. At times, he wanted nothing more than to tear her apart, but he knew that she still had a role to play in the future that he was creating. the darkness may have stripped him of any semblance of mercy, but it had taught him the benefit of patience.

Master Hong's pupil, on the other hand, demonstrated a complete lack of patience, a fact that Mushin would use to his advantage. The pupil had proven so easy to manipulate. The flames of vengeance are easy to fan. What was surprising was how quickly the Hongmoon student had developed in terms of strength and ability. [[Jinsoyun] had spared Master Hong's student, hoping to secure a vessel for the Divine Mandate Ritual. Her choice could ultimately prove to be a costly mistake, a misstep moving her closer to her own undoing.

Mushin would let Master Hong's all-too-eager disciple face Jinsoyun first, while he watched and waited. He would let the pawns play their parts before he made his move. All that was rightfully his would eventually come his way. For now, he just had to wait.


  1. Read Yura's letter
  2. Speak with Yura on the second floor of Mushin's Tower
  3. Speak with Mushin
  4. Duel with Mushin
  5. Resist the Mark of the Black Rose and speak with Mushin
  6. Speak with Yura