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The Pigsty
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Boss Hogdonny
Maximum Party 6
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Cross Server Matching Yes
Recommended AP N/A
Required Level N/A
Recommended Level N/A
Region Hogshead Pastures
Nearest Windstride Hogshead Hamlet
Daily Quest [[]]

The Pigsty is a challenging dungeon located inside Hogshead Hamlet.


I've got a delicate mission that needs doing. It's gonna require patience, manners and tact. I'm so bad at all those things, so I'm sending you instead of me. You're gonna go pick a fight with the biggest, baddest Hoglin there is: Hogdonny. The only thing that Hoglin respect is strenght. Beat Hogdonny in open combat and they'll be ready to talk peace. -Hamanun

Villagers of Hogshead Hamlet have tried to negotiate peace with Hogdonny. Unable to do so, player is asked to help villagers again for second try to go talk and negotiate with Hogdonny.

Entrance to Hogdonny's room is blocked with a giant door. In order to open the door, player need to first defeat Gorogo. Only then the door will open. During the fight Gorogo will summon Hoglin Escorts to assist him. During the fight floor will also be covered in poison fields. Player must be careful to not step on the fields to gain poison stacks, since each stack inflicts 596 damage. Once the boss is defeated, door to Hogdonny opens.

Chief Hogdonny is the last boss in the dungeon. During the fight the boss will summon adds, , which will put poison fields where tank is standing if not defeated.

After the fight player can talk to Hogdonny. Hogdonny still didn't accept peace offer and fight against villagers of Hogshead Hamlet continues.

The Pigsty is, alongside the Skittering Tunnels, the Brightstone Ruins and the Hall of Ogong one of the four dungeons needing to be completed to have access to Poharan's Blackram Supply Chain.


  • Dailyquest.png Negotiating With the Hogdonny
  • Dquest.png Bringing Home the Bacon


Boss Level HP Monsters
Gorogo 45 -
  • Hoglin Escort
Chief Hogdonny 45 -
  • Hogdonil