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Campaignquest.png The Final Battle
Type Campaign
Daily No
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Act Act 4, Chapter 37
Preceded by The Emperor Strikes Back
Followed by Endings and Beginnings
Given by [[]]
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Ends in [[]]
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Rewards 240,000 XP
74Silver.png 0Copper.png
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The unusual omen from the heavens has brought me here.
What's happening?
Is it true that you've found clues into the inner most secret of Hongmoon clan?
I knew you and only you would succeed!
The Heavenly Sacrament will take place very soon.
Jin Seoyeon will call upon the Dark Lord, and that will bring about the end of everything if she succeeds.
The future of our world depends on you now.
Please stop Jin Seoyeon and show rest of the world the power of Hongmoon arts!


  1. Go to the Altar of Divine Will where the Divine Mandate Ritual is taking place
  2. Speak with Dodun
  3. Find Dochun near the Altar of Divine Will
  4. Talk to Dochun
  5. Fight Jinsoyun at Heaven's Mandate and defeat the Dark Emissary
  6. Read Master Hong's Letter
  7. Windstride to Heaven's Reach
  8. Talk to Jinyoung