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Campaignquest.png The Eight Masters
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Type Campaign
Daily No
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Act Act 1, Chapter 16
Preceded by Grin and Bear It
Followed by The Test of the Eight
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The Eight Masters was a group comprised of martial arts masters from across all different disciplines, locations, and clans. Their state purpose: to find and join with the Four Guardians in order to stop the Dark Lord from invading and enslaving the Earthen Realm.

The Eight Masters claimed they could stop the Dark Lord even without the Four Guardians' help--that finding the Guardians was just a bonus--but in reality, they couldn't even stop Jinsoyun, the Dark Lord's agent. They needed to find the Four Guardians, and fast. But where had they disappeared to?

After years of searching, the Eight Masters finally found one of the Guardians--Master Hong, the Earthbreaker. They traveled to Heaven's Reach to find him and beseech him to help. But they arrived only too late--the Hongmoon School had already been slaughtered by Jinsoyun, and Master Hong was apparently dead.

With heavy hearts, the Eight Masters prepared to leave. One among them, the prophet Madun, swore that a hero, a warrior, would rise to aid them where Master Hond could not. But even then, the situation felt hopeless. The Four Guardians were now only three, and perhaps even fewer.