The Dying of the Light

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Campaignquest.png The Dying of the Light
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Type Campaign
Daily No
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Act Act 3, Chapter 28
Preceded by What Is Rightfully Theirs
Followed by The Road to Darkness
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Rewards 34500 XP
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As the bastard child of the Naryu king, Mushin was last in the line of succession. If that was not a sore point growing up, then the constant teasing of his siblings surely was. Mushin's mother was a royal concubine who had died when he was a young child. While the king considered Mushin his own flesh and blood, his duties as ruler of the immense Naryu Kingdom left him little time to spend with the boy.

Scorned by his brothers, Mushin's only friends were the Three Sages. The Sages alone were kind to Mushin. They guided him in life, and saw that he walked a righteous path. To combat his anxiety and fear of bullying, the Sages taught Mushin martial arts. Intelligent and determined, Mushin grew to be a man of refined character and great ability.

When he came of age, Mushin joined the Naryu military and quickly rose to the rank of general. Free from the stifling and cruel atmosphere of the palace, Mushin traveled the land, settling disputes throughout the Naryu colonies. Despite his young age, Mushin soon became the greatest, most respected officer in the land. Everywhere he went, he won the respect and loyalty of his fellow soldiers.

Sadly, Mushin's brothers grew jealous of his success. They feared that with all of his might and charisma, Mushin would undoubtedly win the King's affection, along with the throne they believed was rightfully theirs. It was by their scheming that Mushin was framed for treason. Mushin's brothers exerted all their influence to spread the rumor that Mushin intended to take the throne by force.

It was by the order of his own father that Mushin was arrested. Mushin was heartbroken. The only person whose approval he had ever desired had condemned him to rot in a jail cell. Was this Mushin's reward for years of service to his kingdom? How could the king ever think that Mushin would betray him, or his own people? It was then that Mushin first felt the darkness in his heart. It was then that he gave up on his people.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

  1. Travel to Brightstone Peak
  2. Speak with Junghado
  3. Approach the Skygate
  4. Defeat the Scorpion Queen
  5. Fight Jinsoyun
  6. Speak with Mushin
  7. Follow Mushin to the Skygate and speak with him
  8. Press [Ctrl+Alt] and press the "Bow" action to show your respect, or type "/bow"
  9. Speak with Yura in Greenhollow