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The Darkglimpse
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Boss Dark Shaman Nekuro
Maximum Party 6
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Cross Server Matching Yes
Recommended AP N/A
Required Level N/A
Recommended Level N/A
Region Tomun Range
Nearest Windstride Earthseer Bulwark
Daily Quest [[{{{daily}}}]]

The Darkglimpse is a normal dungeon located just north of Earthseer Bulwark.


The Darkglimpse is one of the few dungeons that requires you to defend a certain object, for a number of waves before fighting the boss. The daily quest Vanquish the Horrible Night is given by Jihei at Earthseer Bulwark, and upon entering the dungeon, you receive the dynamic quest Deep Corruption.

The dungeon itself is very short; you meet only a few weak monsters on the way. At the end, you enter a cavern with three hallways to the north, west and south that are blocked off by miasma. If an adventurer walks past them, they will instantly die.

The feature of this dungeon is that the boss fight requires you to fend off waves of evil creatures first. Jinkyung of the Earthseers requires time and aid to purify the miasma in order to lure out Dark Shaman Nekuro. Six waves of enemies will appear, one after another, until they are all defeated. The Orb of Purification, the object Jinkhyun utilises to purify the miasma, has some weak attacks of its own and Jinkhyun himself is a [[Force Master] that helps out as well. When the waves are all defeated, Nekuro will appear himself with a small number of minions in an attempt to finish the job himself.

Keep in mind that the Orb of Purification -will- fall if it is hit too many times. It will send out a burst of power radially outwards twice in an attempt to buy some time twice before it falls.


Bosses Level HP Monsters
Dark Shaman Nekuro 24 24,640
  • Hunter Jiangshi
  • Skeletal Captain

Mobs Level HP Wave
Corrupted Villager 24 627 N/A
Darkglimpse Revenant 24 118 1/2
Darkglimpse Skeletal Spectre 24 118 N/A
Demonic Hound 24 1,155 1/2
Hunter Jiangshi 24 2,222 3/4
Jiangshi 24 1,155 3/4
Skeletal Captain 24 2,222 5/6
Skeletal Shaman 24 1,903 5/6
Skeletal Warrior 24 1,155 5/6


Cinderlands Valor Stone
Locked Corrupted Weapon Chest
Locked Cinderlands Weapon Chest
Nekuro's Treasure
Sealed Cinderlands Earring
Sealed Cinderlands Necklace
Sealed Cinderlands Ring
Sealed Darkglimpse Ring
Sealed Shaman Combat Soul Shield