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Campaignquest.png The Bully
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Type Campaign
Daily No
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Act Act 4, Chapter 6
Preceded by Looking for Clues
Followed by Legitimate Business Practices
Given by [[]]
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Ends in [[]]
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Rewards 133950 XP
45Silver.png 0Copper.png
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"Curse you Hao Society thugs! Help!" The woman's yells and screams echoed throughout the district. Master Naksun gently lifted his hat at the sound. A couple of roughnecks - low-level Hao men- snickered at the sounds of the woman's cries.

When Naksun ceded his position as master to Leerok, the Hao Society left the darkness of the back alley behind and moved into the light of day. It became a "respectable" organization, at least to the uninitiated observer. While they still operated a few of their criminal enterprises, they developed new rules for dealing with merchants and the court system. It was a new dawn. But when Leerok left unexpectedly to establish the Ironsights Academy, the Hao Society was thrown into chaos. Why would Leerok abandon them? Where the rumors that Leerok had joined the Eight Masters true? No one could predict whether the Hao Society would continue toward the light or descend back into the darkness.

Naksun offered a soft smile as he pulled down his hat and continued on his path. The woman's predicament was unfortunate, but he would not interfere. Justice, honor, power...they were empty words to him now. He was but a lone wanderer. No attachments, no principles, and not problems.


  1. Enter the Town Hall
  2. Scare the Village Bully by typing "/intimidate"
  3. Speak with Daljen
  4. Speak with Mayor Ipyong
  5. Speak with Han Young at the Plog Sanctum
  6. Deliver the plant to Donyi
  7. Return to Han Young
  8. Return to Mayor Ipyong in Grand Harvest Square
  9. Speak with Yu Chun at the Talus Office
  10. Use the bucket to put out the fire
  11. Pick up the Half-Burnt Letter out of the fireplace
  12. Open your inventory and read the Half-Burnt letter
  13. Speak with Talus Intelligence Officer Doesun at the Forward Base Camp
  14. [Option 1] Equip your faction uniform and deliver the Supply Request to Cerulean Operative Wun Song at the Soulstone Plains [Option 2] Equip your faction uniform and deliver the Supply Request to Crimson Operative Oh Jan at the Soulstone Plains
  15. Speak with the Talus Intelligence Officer Doesun at the Forward Base Camp