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See also: Sanctum, Temporal Field (Talent)

Focus Cost 2
Temporal Field
Places Temporal Field for 10 sec.

Decreases cooldowns of all skills 1.5 times faster for party members within the range of Temporal Field
Increases cooldown of non-resettable cooldown skills of enemies within Temporal Field by 6 sec. every sec.

Increases cooldown of escape skills of enemies within Temporal Field by 2 sec. every sec.

Cooldown increases apply only to skills with cooldown in effect

Unable to reset cooldown
Range Area Cast Cooldown
1m 5m radius 0.5 sec. 36 sec.


Restoration Field is a utility skill for Distortion Warlocks. It creates a 5m zone for 10 sec. Party members inside the zone have cooldowns regenerate at 1.5x normal speed. Enemies have their cooldowns extended every sec. they remain inside the zone: 2 sec. for escape skills and 6 sec. for skills immune to CDR.

How to obtain[]

Required Level 45 Warlock Placeholder.png Temporal Field