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  • PARAM: Type - Type of quest, either campaign, side, daily, dungeon, training, faction or faction daily.
  • PARAM: Name - Name of quest, will link to page of the same name.
  • PARAM: Tag1 - First tag of the quest. Can be: daily or weekly
  • PARAM: Tag2 - Second tag of the quest describing difficulty. Can be: 1,2,3,battlefield,boss or duel
  • DESCRIPTION: Creates a link to the quest's page (whether it exists or not) with a quest icon before it.


{{Quest|type=campaign|Campaign Quest}} = Campaignquest.png Campaign Quest

{{Quest|side|Side Quest}} = Subquest.png Side Quest

{{Quest|daily|Daily Quest}} = Dailyquest.png Daily Quest

{{Quest|dungeon|Dungeon Quest}} = Dquest.png Dungeon Quest

{{Quest|training|Training Quest}} = Trainingquest.png Training Quest

{{Quest|faction|Faction Quest}} = Factionquest.png Faction Quest

{{Quest|faction daily|Faction Daily Quest}} = Fdaily.png Faction Daily Quest

{{Quest|daily|Daily Quest|daily|3}} = Dailyquest.png Daily Quest Tags Daily.png Tags Stars 3 Purple.png

{{Quest|daily|Weekly Quest|weekly|battlefield}} = Dailyquest.png Weekly Quest Tags Weekly.png Tags Battlefield.png

Possible Upgrades

  • Add more tags from the Category:Tags to the PARAMS
  • Adjust the tagsize a little to fit the styling better