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  • PARAM: Rarity - Required. Rarity of item, must be one of inferior, basic, refined, superior, heroic, paragon or quest.
  • PARAM: Rarity - Also accepts values grey, white, green, blue, purple, orange and gold.
  • PARAM: Name - Required. Name of item, ideally with an existing page of the same name.
  • PARAM: DisplayName - Optional. Name that will be displayed, useful for slight alterations such as plural names.
  • DESCRIPTION: Makes a colored link to the page of the same name of the item, whether it exists or not, according to item's rarity.


{{Item|inferior|Inferior Item}} = Inferior Item
{{Item|basic|Basic Item}} = Basic Item
{{Item|refined|Refined Item}} = Refined Item
{{Item|superior|Superior Item}} = Superior Item
{{Item|heroic|Heroic Item}} = Heroic Item
{{Item|legendary|Legendary Item}} = Legendary Item
{{Item|refined|Refined Item|Refined Items}} = Refined Items
{{Item|quest|Quest Item|Quest Items}} = Quest Items

Possible Upgrades

  • Underline on hover