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 Infobox quest
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Daily No
Class [[{{{class}}}]]
Act Act {{{act}}}, Chapter {{{chapter}}}
Level {{{level}}}
Preceded by [[{{{precededby}}}]]
Followed by [[{{{followedby}}}]]
Given by [[{{{giver}}}]]
Starts in [[{{{starts}}}]]
Also occurs in {{{locations}}}
Ends in [[{{{ends}}}]]
Turn in to [[{{{turnin}}}]]
Rewards {{{rewards}}}
Premium Level {{{plvl}}}
Duration {{{duration}}}

This template displays an infobox for a quest.


{{Infobox quest
  |title=name of the quest (optional if the page title matches the quest name)
  |type = type of quest (Campaign, Side, Faction, Dungeon, Training)
  |daily = Y or Yes if the quest is a daily, No otherwise
  |class = for class specific training quests
  |level=the level of the quest
  |precededby=the name of the preceding quest, if any
  |followedby=the name of the following quest, if any
  |giver=the person or object which grants the quest
  |starts=the location where the quest is received
  |locations=<div>first intermediate location</div><div>second intermediate location</div> and so on...
  |ends=the location where the quest is turned in
  |turnin=the person or object you turn the quest into when complete
  |baseexp= base exp rewarded by the quest
  |zen= zen beans rewarded by the quest
  |rewardgold=   number of gold rewarded
  |rewardsilver= number of silver rewarded
  |rewardcopper= number of copper rewarded

  |reward1=    All rewards given by quest, with their quantities.
  |reward1qty= Each reward triggers a quest reward category, so you can find
  |reward2=    all quests that drops the given reward, looking at that category,
  |reward2qty= without the need to manually keep track of what is rewarded by.

  |optreward1=       Optional rewards to choose from.

  |image=filename image