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  • PARAM: Class - class; accepted values 'AS', 'BM', 'DES', 'FM', 'GUN', 'KFM', 'LBD', 'SF', 'SUM', 'WD', 'WL'
  • PARAM: Name - Name of skill
  • PARAM: Link - 'Y' will place a text link to the Buff page; 'N' or no value will not; any other value will link to that value


{{Buff|KFM|Wind Shear|Y}} Buff Debuff Icon 04 48.png Wind Shear
{{Buff|KFM|Dragon Fire|N}} Kfm skill dragon fire.png
{{Buff|KFM|Unleashed}} Placeholder.png
{{Buff|KFM|Driven|Critical Damage}} Placeholder.png Driven