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Need to update for Awakening (cleanup old skill sections, add icons, update analyses). Varymicus40541 (talk) 23:15, 15 March 2019 (UTC)Varymicus

Kung fu master, aka martial artist, is total garbage in PVP

  • They all their skills are melee range with the exception of chi blast and merited blazing fist(both are still pretty short range)
  • Although martial artist can get up to three stun/crowd control/knockdown moves, they are totally garbage in pvp because your opponent knows all your CC moves are melee range and simply outrange you to death plus there are gems that make you immune to CC for 30 seconds, thats 30 seconds of free suffering for you if you though that CC works in PVP
  • Although the martial artist has combos, your opponent isn't going to stand around like the NPCs for you to complete the combos. In addition, the combos are mainly opened by CC so they aren't feasible in PVP anyway. In PVP, heavy hitting moves+skirmish dominate the field
  • Sidestep only activates at close range, your opponent knows this and can simply out range you and prevent you from activating your sidesteps
  • Leap doesn't work at medium range, there actually has to be a certain distance for it to actually work which means you are left with only one closing move
  • Backstepping just gives you more distance between you and your opponent which means they just range you down. Backstepping just means they can open with leap or dash
  • Guarding only blocks frontal attacks, your opponent can still hit you for full damage from the sides or back. In PVP, your opponents will be circling around you like crazy anyway. Requires good ping and decent PC to block properly.
  • Guarding and moving around is actually godly hard. Moving forwards, right, and diagonally forwards+right is ok but moving backwards requires your fingers to be far apart (1+S), it is almost physically impossible to move diagonally left and guard because it requires three fingers(1+W+S) unless you use one fingers to cover two keys (which may be hard depending on your keyboard), even worse when you try to move diagonally backwards and left (1+S+A). Because of this fact, your guarding moves are very predictable and you can be expected to only block forwards, backwards, moving right, or diagonally forwards+right.
  • Blazing fist requires you to stand still and leaves you wide open during charge time
  • Elbow counter is totally useless in PVP if you have no chi. If you read carefully, it requires one point of chi to use unlike the normal guard which cost nothing. Because of this, you cannot guard spam and if you do, your opponent can simply let you waste your chi like a noob and then you are literally totally useless because all you have left are your escape abilities, enclose abilities, tornado kick, and your normal left mouse button attack. If you cannot reach your opponent to accumulate any chi, the round is already over.
  • Roundhouse kick does a lot of damage but it is hard to pull off if you button spam left-click+2 too much or if another skill rewrites the F button. The only solution is to slow down your dps but that means that your opponent can walk out of range when the roundhouse button comes up.

The kung fu master, however, is good as a PVE

  • You have three CC/stun/knockdowns, if you decide to merit them, you can possibly act as a sub-crowd control player. Unfortunately, there are still classes with much better crowd control abilities than the martial artist (vines way better x1 million)
  • You can open and close a CC on a boss. What this means is that you can use two of your CC abilities to temporarily knockdown a boss and allow your team some safe DPS. Normally, bosses are immune to the first CC move but since you have two extra CC moves, there is a chance that you can use your second CC move and stun the boss. Note that the second move that stuns the boss is actually random so you can't keep repeating the knockdown
  • You have an AOE healing move if you decide to merit avalanche! The merited move heals 20% of your hp and about 350 hp for 10 seconds for about 3.5k (not including the 20% hp recovery). This skill is one of the very few AOE healing skills in the game. The draw backs are that if you merit this skill for hp recovery, it no longer stuns, it has a 45 second cooldown, the healing range is small, and it only heals at the place where its casted. It is best used when your party is bashing on a boss that is currently in a safe-to-bash state. This skill does not work on non-party members
  • You have a couple of immune skills, provided you merit them (tornado spin, fist dance, backstep, sidestep x2), which are good in boss fights because boss moves are much more predictable than PVP. The downside is that the immunity is very short and fist dance and sidestep require you to be close to the enemy in order to activate. Tornado spin and backstep are very useful because some bosses do a arena wide AOE that does a lot of damage and you can only avoid the damage by being basically at the other end of the arena or by using your invulnerability frames

Some people might say that martial artist is not garbage and there are youtube videos online which show a martial artist PVPing against another martial artist and an assassin. The martial artist only do half decent against assassins and other martial artist and are easily owned by every other class.