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Description[edit | edit source]

Skill icon summoner swoosh.png
Familiar moves behind the enemy
Range Area Cast Cooldown
3m Target Instant Instant
Skill Requirements
Target Snared with Grasping Roots
Target Frozen

Swoosh is a passive skill that makes the cat to stay behind a snared/frozen opponent, who cannot turn around, in order to avoid being getting hit.

Swoosh is automatically executed when the cat is attacking a snared/frozen opponent.

How to obtain[edit | edit source]

Put two Training Points into Paw

Advanced tips[edit | edit source]

Some bosses will stop doing their special moves and stand there doing nothing, when they are rooted and the tanker is behind them.

For this reason, either having a tank go to behind a rooted boss, or a cat using Crouching Tiger from behind will offer some free DPS time. Summoners can root with either Grasping Root or Weed Whack

A good example is Asura in Sogun's Lament.