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Focus Cost 3
Super Sunflower
Skill icon summoner super sunflower.png
Inflicts [5.50] Earth damage
Range Area Cast Cooldown
16m 2 x 16m Instant Instant
Skill Requirements
While Stealthed OR

On hit with Sunflower to an enemy inflicted by Doom'n'Gloom OR
On hit with Sunflower to an enemy on Briar Patch, Flying Nettle area of effect OR

On hit with Sunflower to a Grappled enemy

Super Sunflower is a secondary AoE attack that follows a Sunflower that hit a target being life-drained by Doom'n'Gloom, standing on the area of Flying Nettle/Briar Patch, or being grappled, or when Summoner is in stealth.

Super Sunflower creates a stack of Photosynthesis when used. It is needed to score five Super Sunflower so that Photosynthesis can be converted to Overflow, allowing the Summoner to spam focus-free Sunflower at faster rate

Super Sunflower is stronger than normal Sunflower, deal extra damage on targets inflicted by Ivy Poison, and reduce cooldown of Thorn Strike/Weed Whack by 3s.

How to obtain[]

Complete Chapter 5: Disciple of the Hongmoon School

Three points or more into Rumblebees` furthest right branch will enable the use of Super Sunflower


Rotating Sunflower in-between Doom'n'Gloom, Briar Patch or Flying Nettle , and Power Pounce to maximize the proc rate of Super Sunflower

If there are more than one Summoner in a group, they can help each other to build up Photosynthesis with multiple Doom'n'Gloom, Briar Patch or Flying Nettle , and Power Pounce