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Stratus Empire
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Leader Emperor Wan
Base [[]]
Areas of Operation Southern Continent
Enemies Talus Dominion
Notable members

The Stratus Empire came into power in the Southern Continent after the tragic fall of the Naryu Empire. After many years of prosperity, it fell into disarray when the former emperor suddenly died. Currently, it is ruled by Emperor Wan and is in a state of chaos due fighting within the royal family. Members of the Stratus Empire look to the past achievements of the Naryu Empire in an attempt to find a hidden treasure or weapon that could restore the empire to glory.


Historically, the Northern, Eastern, and Western Continents of the world were each ruled by one of the former emperor's sons, while he remained on the throne of the Southern Continent with Prince Wan, his youngest son, by his side. However, one day the emperor met his untimely demise that forced Prince Wan to take the throne and rule. Consequently, the empire was thrown into chaos as Prince Wan's older brothers sought to overthrow their youngest sibling in a fit of jealously in order to claim the throne. After the demon invasion of Highland Central and the deaths of Prince Sobu and Princess Solaan, the weakened and disorganized Stratus Empire was unable to control its army and Yunma Kahn defected from the empire to found the Talus Dominion in the Eastern Continent.

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