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Status Effects[]

There are various status effects in Blade and Soul that range from removing some control (referred by some as soft cc) to full control removal (referred to by some as hard cc). The control layout will change according to the status effect the user's under. While Soft Crowd Control can be broken by either F (Retreat) or SS (Backstep, evade, etc), Hard Crowd Control will require Tab escape (varies between classes) to break out of and is an important factor in determining the victor in arena PvP matches.

Non-crowd control[]

There are a few common status effects that are common across all classes and AI opponents. Some of these effects are required by some class skills to trigger ie: Assassin's Hook Kick deals damage to targets but will switch the assassin to stealth if the target is poisoned.

Damage over time[]

  • Burn
  • Poisoned
  • Bleed
  • Deep wounds

Stat modification[]

  • Defense Down - Reduces Defense

Soft Crowd Control[]

  • Immobilized - Cannot move in place but can still attack or SS.
  • Daze/Groggy - The character is down on one knee. Has a short window to SS. Can also be Tab Escaped though not recommended. Softer version of Stun.
  • Frozen - Similar to Immobilized but cannot turn the camera; cannot move in place but can still attack or SS
  • Assassin's Turning Leaf - Similar to Frozen. With a micro stun that lasts less than half a second. Shortly after, cannot move in place but can still attack or SS. Unlikely to hit anything since assassins are always behind you upon executing this move.
  • Knockback - Displaces character away from the user, often leads to knockdown status.
  • Knockdown - Controls change to knockdown mode. Character is on their back on the ground. Generally 1 will cause the player to get back up with the risk of being knocked back down if attacked before the animation starts and 2 will generally be a counter recovery. There's a brief window to use F (Retreat); Can also be Tab Escaped though not recommended. Cannot SS.
  • Slow - Movement speed is reduced. Can otherwise still attack and move as normal.
  • Blind - Screen turns white but damage numbers are still visible both yours and the opponent's. Can otherwise still attack and move as normal
  • Skill Seals - Prevents the usage of some abilities
    • Defense Seals - prevents usage of parry, block, or counters
    • Charge Seals - Prevents the usage of gap closers or charges ie: Assassin Shadow Dash or Destroyer Ram. Does not prevent teleport effects or SS.

Hard Crowd Control[]

  • Airborne - A brief aerial status effect where the victim can do nothing. They can be hit by aerial-only attacks as well as ranged attacks but are otherwise generally safe from ground-targeted attacks. It's a frowned upon CC in PvE because it greatly reduces the amount of players that can hit the same target (ie: a boss).
  • Unconscious - Character is on the ground is unable to move for a very long time or until hit. Can only otherwise be tab escaped. Rapid HP regeneration.
  • Stun - Character holds their head and is unable to act in any way. Can only be tab escaped.
  • Grapple effects - Controls changes to grapple scheme or in the case of Kung Fu Masters and Summoner Cats, knocked down control scheme. Can only be tab escaped (note that it needs to have skill points invested to work with the grapple effects). For PvE, note that many classes have skills that allow for animation cancelling when the target is grabbed or phantom gripped (affectionately known as force choke).
    • Grab - Grapple scheme. Used by destroyers. Can be Tab escaped.
    • Phantom Grip/Force Choke - Grapple scheme. Used by Blade Dancers and Force Masters. Can be Tab escaped.
    • Ground Grapple - Knockdown control scheme. Used by Kung Fu Master and Summoner cat. The cat version may have a limited window for tab escape.

PvP Context[]

In terms of the common disables, a stun is better than a daze, and a daze is better than unconscious. In terms of interaction of skills, there's little difference between Stun and Daze (ie: most knock up skills activate for either). However, as previously noted, a stun requires a tab escape and as a result, has a more reliable duration.

Status Effect Images[]

Unconscious Dazed Stunned