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Princess Solaan
Princess Solaan.jpg
Title Stratus Princess
Faction Stratus Empire
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Race Jin
Gender Female
Class [[]]
Profession [[]]
Location Highland Central
First Quest
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Princess Solaan was one of the royal siblings of the Stratus Empire. She and her brother, Prince Sogun lived in the Palace in Highland Central.

History[edit | edit source]

Not much is known of Princess Solaan's life prior to the fall of Highland Central. A survivor of the Highland Central attack and Soul Warden Takgun, who used to work in the palace remarked that Princess Solaan never liked Prince Sogun's new handmaiden Yura very much. Princess Solaan felt that Yura's gaze was that of a scorpion's and gave her the feeling of being hunted.

On the day Highland Central fell, her brother attempted a Divine Mandate Ritual using her royal blood as sacrifice. Sogun somehow managed to bring her to the treasury where he performed the ritual, but it was botched as he was missing many elements of it. Princess Solaan died of her injuries soon after her brother was killed by a guard who discovered Sogun's treachery.

Sogun's restless spirit, resurrected by Zulia, spends his days in a never ending cycle of lamenting his sister's death.