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prince Sogun
Prince Sogun.jpg
Title Stratus Prince
Faction Stratus Empire
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Race Jin
Gender Male
Class [[]]
Profession [[]]
Location Highland Central
First Quest
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Prince Sogun (Korean version: Seop Gwang) was the elder brother of Stratus Emperor Wan.


Thirty years ago, Prince Sogun lived in Highland Central at the Highland Palace with his younger sister, Princess Solaan. He resented his younger brother for taking away the throne he felt was rightfully his. At some point, he was introduced to the new handmaiden, Yura. He quickly became enamored with the beautiful, witty Yura who told him of the ancient Divine Mandate Ritual that would proclaim him as rightful Emperor of the Earthen Realm. He spent long nights alone with Yura, discussing the necessary preparations for the ritual. He contracts a special Soulstone Cutter to assist him in creating the altar for the ritual within the Royal Treasury.

When the day of the ritual arrived, Prince Sogun called Princess Solaan to the Royal Treasury to use her as the royal blood sacrifice. Yura had purposely failed to mention the need for a dimensional anchor (the Twilight's Edge) or a proper vessel. The ritual goes awry and opens a Dark Gate within the palace. Yura leaves Prince Sogun angry and broken-hearted, wondering what had gone wrong. Furious, vowing to kill Yura, Sogun attacks a Stratus soldier that had witnessed everything. Sogun dies after his defeat.

The events that transpired were mired in mystery as very few people survived the chaos. The hero learns everything by projecting their mind into a soldier that witnessed the events.

Other Apperances[]

Sogun is fought as the final boss in the dungeon Sogun's Lament. His restless spirit, wracked with guilt over his actions, is resurrected by Zulia as the demon Asura, doomed in a never ending cycle of lamenting his sister's death.