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Focus Recovery 4
Kfm skill smolder.png
Inflicts [10] damage.
Decreases Cooldown of Buff debuff icon 01 38.png Searing Palm by 7 sec. On hit

Decreases Cooldown of Skill icon kung fu master 0-4-2.png Comet Strike by 5 sec. On hit

Pierces Defense and Parry skills
Range Area Cast Cooldown
Centered on Caster 2 x 5m rectangle Instant 15 sec.
Skill Requirements
After hitting with Kfm skill dragon claw.png Dragon Claw or Kfm skill burning fist.png Burning Fist

Description[edit | edit source]

Kfm skill smolder.png Smolder is an combo skill for KFMs. After hitting with Key Num 2 128.png, press Key Alphabet F 128.png to cast Kfm skill smolder.png Smolder to gain focus, lower cooldowns, and deal AoE damage.

How to obtain[edit | edit source]

Required Level 4 Dragon Fist

Talents[edit | edit source]