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Skyhaven Stockade
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Boss Phantom Mane
Maximum Party 6
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Cross Server Matching Yes
Recommended AP N/A
Required Level N/A
Recommended Level N/A
Region Misty Woods
Nearest Windstride Besieged Camp
Daily Quest [[{{{daily}}}]]

Skyhaven is a normal dungeon northeast of Besieged Camp in Misty Woods.


Skyhaven Stockade consists of a loop with a side area where the boss of the dungeon, Phantom Mane, resides. Might and Mane is the daily quest for this dungeon, given by Su Naia and the dynamic quest is A Phantom Menace.

The Talus army has control of the area and its minions are littered everywhere. A special feature of this dungeon are the weapon chests that contains a Landmine Detecting Rifle and the Talus Army Landemines that they are meant to destroy from range. The gun does negligible damage to mobs so its only purpose to get rid of landmines. The landmines will stun you if you trigger them and stay within their radius when they explode.

Halfway through the loop of the dungeon are some prisoners, Ban Guksin, Ko Unki, Chimsu and Bum Naji, all of whom are captured Skyhaven agents. Freeing Chimsu will cause him to move forward through the dungeon (activating landmines on the way), to an exploding device that he promptly activates. It makes the path forward to the boss slightly easier.

Attack Unit Leader Hasamji is the miniboss for this dungeon and can be found in an area just beyond the exploded room. It's filled with soldiers and mines that make it difficult to fight if proper preparations are not taken.

As with the dungeon, landmines feature prominently in the boss fight against Phantom Mane. As his health grows lower, it will summon an entire landmine field across the area. When they detonate, they cause stun. There are weapon chests containing Landmine Detecting Rifles that can be used to mow them down, but Phantom Mane will keep a relentless ranged assault. Using defensive abilities against ranged attacks while sniping out the landmines is advised. Defeating Phantom Mane ends the dynamic quest A Phantom Menace and rewards you with Phantom Mane's Treasure.


Boss Level HP Monsters
Phantom Mane 43 269,100
  • N/A
Attack Unit Leader Hasamji 43 34,040
  • Talus Army Landmine
  • Army Musketeer
  • Army Patrol
  • Hasamji's Underling
Mobs Level HP
Army Patrol 44 11,213
Army Sentry 44 12,765
Attack Unit Sentinel 43 10,109
Mercenary Messenger 43 5,049
Talus Army Landmine 43 739
Weapon Chest 1 23


Healing Tonic
Locked Moonwater Weapon Chest
Locked Phantom Weapon Chest
Moonwater Valor Stone
Sealed Cold Iron Axe
Sealed Cold Iron Bangle
Sealed Cold Iron Dagger
Sealed Cold Iron Gauntlet
Sealed Cold Iron Lynblade
Sealed Cold Iron Razor
Sealed Cold Iron Staff
Sealed Cold Iron Sword
Sealed Volcanic Earring
Sealed Volcanic Necklace
Sealed Volcanic Ring
Sealed Moonwater Earring
Sealed Moonwater Necklace
Sealed Moonwater Ring
Sealed Talus Commander Accuracy Soul Shield
Talus Block Soul Shield
Talus Commander Accuracy Soul Shield Chest