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Skittering Tunnels
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Boss Dokumo
Maximum Party 6
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Cross Server Matching Yes
Recommended AP N/A
Required Level N/A
Recommended Level N/A
Region Moonwater Plains
Nearest Windstride Highland Necropolis
Daily Quest [[]]

The Skittering Tunnels is a dungeon located in the Moonwater Plains, inside the Highland Necropolis.


At the start of the dungeon, a large group of spiders will be present. Get one of your teammates to draw all of their aggro and clump them together, then defeat them all with area of effect spells.

One must first defeat the Swordclaw Spider to proceed with the dungeon. Once the spider is dead, clear the spider web blocking your path and march on.

Next up, defeat another room of small spiders, then defeat the Sac Spider. It is a tougher version of the Swordclaw Spider with AoE attacks that cannot be blocked (red attacks).

Dokumo the Spider Queen is the last boss of the dungeon. Start the fight by having two of your teammates pick up the flamethrowers on the sides, and burn the eggs. Each time Dokumo spawns eggs, you must pick up a flamethrower and burn them again.

When Dokumo is reduced to 80%, 50% and 30% of her health, she will rise up into the center of the Arena and start shooting projectiles at each player, while spawning smaller spiders. You can block the initial hit from these attacks but they also do large amounts of DOT damage.

The Skittering Tunnels is, alongside The Pigsty, the Brightstone Ruins and the Hall of Ogong one of the four dungeons needing to be completed to have access to Poharan's Blackram Supply Chain.


  • Dailyquest.png Dukomo, Queen of the Spiders
  • Dquest.png Come Into My Parlor


Boss Level HP
Swordclaw Spider 45 -
Sac Spider 45 -
Dokumo 45 -


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