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Sentinel Ruins
Sentinel Ruins.jpg
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Boss Relic Core
Maximum Party 6
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Cross Server Matching Yes
Recommended AP N/A
Required Level N/A
Recommended Level N/A
Region The Scorching Sands
Nearest Windstride Sandstone Refuge
Daily Quest [[{{{daily}}}]]

Sentinel Ruins is a normal dungeon located in Sandstone Refuge, in the southwestern corner.


The Sentinel Ruins is home to a large number of basic monsters which break down into smaller ones when killed. The daily quest and dynamic quest associated to this dungeon are Ancient Relic and The Core of the Problem respectively. Completion of the dynamic quest The Core of the Problem rewards you with Relic Core's Treasure. The Sentinel's Ring and Sentinel Combat Soul Shield are the main objects of interest from the chest, the former being a breakthrough item and the latter being necessary for two achievements.

The Sentinel Ruins is a linear dungeon, consisting of a relatively straightforward path until you meet the mini-boss, Hulking Darkstone Augerite. It guards a Dragon Pulse, so killing it is a necessity. It can throw rocks from a range, and has powerful swiping melee attacks. It also summons three of the weakest augerites at random. Past the mini-boss is an area filled with more augerites, with the Relic Core beyond.

The Relic Core has no powerful attacks of its own. Instead, it summons Hulking Augerite creatures to fight for it. Occasionally, Mudstone Augerites will appear from the panels on the ground and walk slowly to the Relic Core. Should they reach the Relic Core, it will release a blast of energy in a large radius around it, causing devastating damage. When there are no Hulking Augerites, it is in a vulnerable state, open to attack and will only use weak attacks. However, when the Hulking Augerites are summoned and present, it will become invulnerabile, and will stay this way until all Hulking Augerites are destroyed.


Bosses Level HP Monsters
Hulking Darkstone Augerite 27 38,985
  • Darkstone Augerite
  • Eroded Augerite
  • Grim Augerite
  • Keenedge Augerite
  • Lodestone Augerite
  • Splitrock Augerite
  • Windworn Augerite
  • Volcanic Augerite
Relic Core 27 61,065
  • Hulking Greenstone Augerite
  • Hulking Bloodstone Augerite
  • Mudstone Augerite


Cinderlands Valor Stone
Desert Terror Defense Soul Shield
Healing Tonic
Locked Cinderlands Weapon Chest
Locked Sentinel's Weapon Chest
Relic Core's Treasure
Sealed Cinderlands Earring
Sealed Cinderlands Necklace
Sealed Cinderlands Ring
Sealed Sentinel's Ring
Sealed Sentinel Combat Soul Shield