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Second Wind
Skill icon summoner second wind.png
Escape from Grab, Phantom Grip, Grapple when used at the enemy's attack timing

Move back 10m
User is resistant to damage, status effects
Penetrates Defense, Deflect

Range Area Cast Cooldown
3m Target Instant 9sec.
Skill Requirements
While Grabbed, Phantom Gripped, Grappled


Second Wind is an escape skill that is available when the Summoner is being grabbed.

Not all of grab attack enables the use of the skill. For example, the skill is unavailable when the Summoner is being chain-grabbed the patrolling captains in Soulstone Plains.

The skill can be used by pressing Key NUMPAD Num 1 128.png during grabbed/grappled state.

However, in order to execute it successfully and escape from the Grab/Grapple, it is required to timely press the skill JUST BEFORE being attacked. When the skill is successful, the Summoner will escape and jump away.

How to Obtain[]

During leveling progress

Trait Trees[]

The skill has no trait tree.


Second Wind is an advanced skill that is hard to use for beginners, or players who play with hing ping.

There are two recorded cases that can be make used for Second Wind:

  • When being Phantom-gripped by a Blade Dancer, if you see him using Soul Stab with a flying sword circling around and hover above your head, press Key NUMPAD Num 1 128.png before the sword stabs into your head.
  • When being grabbed by a Destroyer, if he jumps up and do a Piledriver, press Key NUMPAD Num 1 128.png before you get hit into the ground.