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See also: Searing Dragon, Meteor Storm, Dragon Fire

Searing Dragon
"A Dragon's touch leaves a lasting impression."
You can change and learn the following skill effects.


Skill icon kung fu master 1-3-1.png Searing Dragon is a Fire KFM talent. It increases the damage and range of Placeholder.png Leading Palm and adds Volcano and Raging Volcano, turning it into Kfm skill searing dragon.png Searing Dragon.


Focus Recovery 6
Searing Dragon
Kfm skill searing dragon.png
Inflicts [16.5] damage
Inflicts [11] damage
Readies Buff debuff icon 01 38.png Searing Palm On hit
Triggers Volcano, Raging Volcano effect for 5 sec. on hit
Range Area Cast Cooldown
Centered on Caster 2 x 8m Instant 12 sec.