Salkhi the Swift

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Salkhi the Swift
Title Lycandi Tribe Leader
Faction Lycandi/Skyhaven Resistance
Level 50
Race Jin
Gender Female
Class Archer
Profession [[]]
Location Moonwater Plains
First Quest
Unknown edit
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Salkhi the Swift is the leader of the Lycandi Tribe.

Unlike the rest of her Lycandi brethren, she is more open to the idea of working alongside the Skyhaven Resistance. She had some communication with Skyhaven Agent Bondu prior to the hero coming to see her. However, as the Talus forces had been attacking the Lycandi in order to take control of the Lycandi Foothills, they also kidnapped her father, Khoid the Quick. She asks the hero to rescue her father as she fights off the Talus that have invaded the Lycandi Den. She is saddened to hear that her father died fighting the Talus forces, but she quickly takes up her role as the new leader of the Lycandi Tribe. Seeing the Skyhaven Resistance as an opportunity to fight the Talus as well as finding the hero to be strong and honest, she agrees to the Skyhaven alliance.

Belen the Ready, her rival within the pack, refuses to accept her as leader feeling that she is not as strong as her father was. The divide within the Lycandi cause problems with forming the alliance with Skyhaven until Lycan the Mighty awakens from her purification stasis early. Salki is quick to gathering the Lycandi to the sealing grounds and asking the hero to assist her in quelling the Lycan god. Once Lycan the Mighty is sealed away again, Belen the Ready relents to her might and leadership. Though the Lycandi approve of her leadership, not all agree with fighting against outsiders. She accepts the hero as one of her pack and readily awaits the call to assist the Skyhaven Resistance as she works to convince the rest of her pack to fight with the outsiders.

She appears during the siege of the Talus Beastmasters Camp, leading the Lycandi in an assault on the Talus forces alongside the other Moonwater Plains tribes.