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Skill icon summoner roundabout.png
Deals [5.00] damage

Familiar is resistant to Stun, Daze, Knockback, Knockup
Inflicts 1 stack of Bleed for 10 sec
Deals [0.30] additional damage to Snared enemies
Removes Snares
Penetrates Defense, Deflect
Automatically used by the Familiar

Range Area Cast Cooldown
4m Self Instant 4sec.


Roundabout replaces the third attack Heavy Swipe in the Cat's auto-attack combo.

Roundabout is an AoE skill with 4m range, damaging and inflicting Bleed debuff on enemies surrounding the cat. The attack goes through defensive skills.

When executed, the cat will pull out a giant hammer and spins round and round. During the animation, the cat resists Stun, Daze, Knockback, and Knockup. If the cat is Snared, it will remove the snare itself.

How to obtain[]

Completed Act 0, Chapter 5: Disciple of the Hongmoon School

Put one training points into the trait tree of Paw


  • Roundabout can inflict Bleed on multi-targets, but it's not very particularly useful.
  • It is a some unreliable skill for the Cat to remove itself from Snare attack, but it requires its target to stand in front of its. A better choice is using Beckon
  • In PvP, it's better to stay away from the hammer-spinning Cat, instead of trying to proc a defensive skill, due to Roundabout ignoring block and counter skills.
  • Also, do not waste Snare, Stun, Daze, Knockback or Knockup attacks on the Cat during the animation of Roundabout, since the Cat will just resist these status attack. Knockdown, however, is usable.