Right Under Our Noses

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Campaignquest.png Right Under Our Noses
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Type Campaign
Daily No
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Act Act 3, Chapter 8
Preceded by Bark At The Moon
Followed by And Now For Something Completely Different
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Rewards 28400 XP
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Coming from the bloody world of Martial Society, the beauty and serenity of Hogshead Pastures was almost hypnotic. Hardworking farmers, far removed fromt he conflict and duplicity that seemed to abundant in the Eastern Continent, labored contendedly over their fields while pigs grunted in their pens.

The Hongmoon Warrior sowed seeds diligently, sweating in the dirt as naturally as the humble folk who made this land their home. A gentle wind swept over the calm land and rustled the grass. Could it be possible for one so burdened as the Warrior to let go of the past, to start a new life here? How easy it would be to lay down one's worries and regrets and embrace the simple things in life. Yet Jinsoyun was still out there. She was already responsible for so much death and suffering. How many more would die if the Warrior was to give up their quest? Alas, such thoughts are no more than wishful thinking. Until Jinsoyun was dead, there would be no rest for the sole survivor of the Hongmoon School.

Objectives[edit | edit source]