There a number of quests in the world of Blade and Soul to introduce players to storyline and give rewards, such as experience, items, and reputation.

Campaign Quests

For more on Campaign Quests, see Campaign Quests

These quests are denoted by the Campaignquest.png icon and follow the storyline for Blade and Soul, where the player is seeking revenge for the death of Master Hong and strive to stop Jinsoyun.

Side Quests

These quests are denoted by the Subquest.png icon and are additional quests that yield experience and sometimes money.
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Daily Quests

These quests are denoted by the Dailyquest.png icon and are quests involving Dungeons or field bosses that give rewards such as boxes full of consumables and valor stones. You may only complete a total of 40 daily quests per day per character.
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Faction Quests

For more on Faction Quests, see Faction Quests

These quests are denoted by the Factionquest.png icon and are quests that encourage player versus player, or wPvP, activity between the Crimson Legion and Cerulean Order.

Training Quests

These quests are denoted by the Trainingquest.png icon and are quests covering windwalking skills or the class-specific Path of Hongmoon series.
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