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Pot Dog Shelter
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Boss Wu Fo
Maximum Party 6
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Cross Server Matching Yes
Recommended AP N/A
Required Level N/A
Recommended Level N/A
Region Spirestone Canyon
Nearest Windstride Vagrant's rest
Daily Quest [[{{{daily}}}]]

Pot Dog Shelter is a normal dungeon located in Spirestone Canyon, directly west of Vagrant's Rest.


The Pot Dog Shelter is a very short dungeon that has a few Pot Dog bandits traversing through the cavern. The only thing notable about those that inhabit the cave is an unending lack of dialogue and dropped bombs. Outside the dungeon, Pot Dog Adventurer Grramis gives you the daily quest, Every Dog Has His Daily, which requires you to obtain Wu Fo's Divine Mystic Jar. There is no dynamic quest associated to this dungeon, nor is there any mini-boss.

As expected with the theme of the dungeon, the boss fight features dropped bombs that go off once a set period of time has passed. When Wu Fo gets low, he summons his bombers and minions, which run out from hiding and flail about in a disorganized fashion, dropping bombs.


Bosses Level HP Monsters
Rawhide Top Dog Wu Fo 32 65,450
  • Rawhide Bomber
  • Rawhide Runner
Mobs Level HP
Rawhide Expert Conman 31 3,410
Rawhide Expert Pickpocket 31 3,410
Rawhide Expert Thief 31 3,140


Healing Tonic
Rawhide Critical Soul Shield
Sealed Steel Axe
Sealed Steel Bangle
Sealed Steel Dagger
Sealed Steel Gauntlet
Sealed Steel Razor
Sealed Steel Staff
Sealed Steel Sword
Unsealing Charm