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Pilfered Treasury
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Boss Durlock
Maximum Party 6
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Cross Server Matching Yes
Recommended AP N/A
Required Level N/A
Recommended Level N/A
Region The Highland Necropolis
Nearest Windstride Soul Ward
Daily Quest [[{{{daily}}}]]

Pilfered Treasury is a normal dungeon located on north of Soul Ward and east of Bloodscale Post in The Highland Necropolis.


The Pilfered Treasury are the remnants of the royal treasury when thirty years ago, Prince Sogun attempted a Divine Mandated Ritual at Yura's behest, sacrificing his sister and causing an influx of Dark Chi and demons to flood the area. This normal dungeon is filled with Dokkaebi, objects that have been infused with Dark Chi and turned into monsters. Durlock, Stock, and Barrel is the daily quest associated to the Pilfered Treasury, and King of the Dokkaebi is the dynamic quest associated to it.

Halfway through the dungeon, there is a (not-so) secret wall that hides a treasure chest. It contains Bum Takgun's Annals for the quest Memories of a Mysterious Handmaiden.

The boss, Durlock is a standard boss, summoning minions as he grows lower and lower in health. Defeating him ends the dynamic quest King of the Dokkaebi and rewards you with Durlock's Treasure.


Boss Level HP Monsters
Durlock 41 219,650
  • Dokkaebi Overlord
  • Tormented Dokkaebi
Mobs Level HP
Jagged Dokkaebi 42 10,316
Paper Dokkaebi 42 10,316


Healing Tonic
Dokkaebi Accuracy Soul Shield
Durlock's Treasure
Locked Moonwater Weapon Chest
Moonwater Valor Stone
Sealed Dokkaebi Earring
Sealed Dokkaebi Ring
Sealed Dokkaebi King Block Soul Shield
Sealed Dokkaebi King Evasion Soul Shield
Sealed Gemstone Earring
Sealed Gemstone Necklace
Sealed Gemstone Ring
Sealed Moonwater Earring
Sealed Moonwater Necklace
Sealed Moonwater Ring