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Skill icon summoner paw.png
Inflicts [3.10] damage

Inflicts 1 stack of Bleed for 10 sec
Deals [0.30] additional damage to Snared enemies
Automatically used by the Familiar

Range Area Cast Cooldown
5m Target Instant Instant



Paw is the default attack of a Summoner's familiar, deal extra damage on Snared target, and can inflict Bleed debuff.

It is the first attack of the combo Paw - Swipe - Heavy Swipe, which is executed automatically when the cat comes to fight in melee range.

How to obtain[]

Must have completed Chapter 4 - Master Hong's Summon


  • By default, Paw can stack Bleed debuff up to five tier to negate natural HP regen, which is important against boss whose HP regen is very high.
  • In order to stack up Bleed fast, you can spam Lunge to make the cat keep resetting its auto-attack until you gain five tier of Bleed on the boss. While this is not very necessary during group fight, it is essential when you attemp to solo a boss.