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Race Jin
Gender Male
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Man with a Plan
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I'm always looking for new skills to learn. You can never learn too much!
Knowledge is the ultimate power!
~ Orpun

Orpun is a wandering young man who seeks to find his fame and fortune in different occupations. The hero encounters him in different locations throughout their journey as he takes up different jobs (albeit failing miserably at all of them). He is often criticized for not working very hard at whatever he takes up.

History[edit | edit source]

Orpun was born in Hogshead Hamlet to farmers. Believing that he was meant for greater things, he left home to travel the continent in search of his true calling. He wrote his future self a letter promising himself that he would not return home until he was rich and famous.

First Arc[edit | edit source]

The hero first encounters Orpun in Whalesong Cove during the siege of the undead. He became an apprentice under Forgekeeper Master Hamatai in hopes to find his fortune that way, but found himself in danger's way. Deciding that his calling wasn't in creating weapons in the heart of danger, he travels to Stillbrook Monastery where he attempts to use a Dragon Coil hoping to make money off of it. Unable to get it to function, he asks the hero to go figure out how it works in his stead.

Orpun then finds himself under the tutelage of Earthseer Ritualist Ji Changho at the Earthseer Bulwark in the Tomun Range. He mentions that Ji Changho is one of the kindest teachers he ever had and that he hoped to create a cure for the corruption in the land to be a hero. However, his concoction fails miserably and blames the problem on his lack of training. Finding the Earthseer life to be dull and uninteresting, he asks the hero if he could become their pupil instead. He's denied immediately and he begins musing what his next occupation will be.

Orpun travels to the Scorching Sands where the hero sees him again at the Crescent Springs as Retired Scholar Master Hoho's new apprentice. He hopes to become a renowned archaeologist but finds his time with Master Hoho dull as Master Hoho spends his days fishing. He decides to try an join the Shengyun Research Team as he feels it's more exciting. To join, he asks the hero to gather Soulstones from Giant Ironfangs to present to the Shengyun Research Team, hoping that it will impress them. He is excited when the hero returns with the Soulstones, explaining that Hong Gichul of the research team is interested in things involving Soulstones as they were used to power ancient Naryu technology. He declares that he is done with Master Hoho and goes off to turn in the Soulstones. However, he quickly regrets his decision as Hong Gichul immediately told him to leave. He laments how he left for the Eastern Continent only to fail and be just as poor as he arrived. He explains that he didn't want to become a nobody farmer like his parents but feels there is nothing he is good at in the world.

He decides that he would try at become a chef at the famous Yehara's Mirage. He asks the hero to gather Desert Bat Eggs as he believes them to be a rare culinary treat and present them to head chef, Acquired Taste Chef Go Don at the Mirage.

Failing to get that job, he travels to Vagrant's Rest posing as the famous scholar "Mr. Pun". He offers advice to Chumi at Yehara's Mirage about how to handle a Grimhorn problem, despite not knowing anything about Grimhorn. In the end, after being chastised by the hero for pretending to be someone else, he promises not to offer such advice on the off chance someone gets hurt because of him.

He decides that his efforts to become famous were misguided in that they all focused on himself. He declares that his next vocation should be a hero-doctor that helps others. Hearing that a Dragon Trade Merchant was attacked by wolves, he asks the hero to kill Starving Wolves in the area and bring him their hides believing it will stave off the rest of the wolves. Instead, the wolves came and attacked the merchants once again. Orpun is ashamed that he closed his eyes in fear, but explains that they were rescued by Soha. He feels he is unfit to be either a hero or a doctor.

Looking back on his past failures, his last plan is to become famous through hard work. He selects the art of pottery and send the hero to go kill off the Pot Dogs torment the potters at the Great Kiln. He send a letter to Merry Potter Jin Yuyak in hopes of becoming his apprentice. Surprisingly, Jin Yuyak decides to hire Orpun as his apprentice as they require as many helping hands for the Kiln Festival. He does stick with pottery for a while until Hatari transports him back to his mother.