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Faction ta mere
Race [[]]
Gender Male
Class Force Master
Profession [[]]
Location Defiled Tomb
First Quest
The Source of the Bloody Jiangshi
Map Icon
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Hahaha! Fresh materials for new Jiangshi!
~ Nekuro

Nekuro was the clan mate of Moyong Jung who studied incantation under Jumon Ongsin. However, one day he stole ancient, arcane manuscripts from Master Jumon and killed him in his sleep. He was arrested by the Bamboo Guard and Moyong Jung and excecuted for his crimes, but was able to rescurrect himself and summon more Jiangshi.

Located in Earthseer Bulkward,Earthseer Jihei has asked to please investigate villagers dissapearing from Oakshade Village and the source of dark chi inside the Darkglimpse. To do that you should meet with earthseer Jinkyung inside the Dark glimpse, where he has been conducting an investigation about the dark energy.

He suspects that Dark Shaman Nekuro is behind this new dark energy pouring out and he decides, with your help, to place an Orb of Purification inside the DarkGlimpse. Once you got there, you find Nekuro has been able to corrupt villayers and begins to summon all kind of demonic creatures, fiends and Jiangshi spirits to stop you.


  • Dark Shaman Combat Soul Shield Fragments %
  • Cinderlands Earring %
  • Cinderlands Necklace %
  • Cinderlands Ring %
  • Corrupted Weapon Chest
  • Cinderlands Weapon Chest %

Related Quests[]

  • Vanquish the Horrible Night
  • Deep Corruption


  • 40 copper
  • 1300 Hongmoon Arts XP
  • Cinderlands Thorn
  • Cinderlands Reward Chest