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Necrotic Laboratory
Necrotic Laboratory.png
Necrotic Laboratory Map.png
Boss Chief Shaman Furanku
Maximum Party Any
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Cross Server Matching No
Recommended AP N/A
Required Level N/A
Recommended Level N/A
Region Pondskip Vale
Nearest Windstride Wanderer's Hut
Services Bonfire.png
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From Items
Shaman Yi Goru
Chief Shaman Furanku


  • Apprentice Shaman
  • Blackram Cutthroat
  • Blackram Sentinel
  • Hunter Jiangshi
  • Revenant Blackram


The dungeon path goes in a loop, starting east and coming back from the west. When first encountered, Shaman Yi Goru will summon Hunter Jiangshi and cannot be attacked. The second time, he will be accompanied by Chief Shaman Furanku. If Furanku is defeated before Yi Goru during this fight, the latter will be automatically defeated and turn into Revenant Yi Goru (presumably turned by Furanku). This shouldn't be desired however since Yi Goru will only reward loot in his human form.

When first defeated, Furanku will run for his guards. This can be avoided by defeating him fast enough during the first encounter, however it may be challenging to do so fast enough. The second encounter with Furanku is where the dungeon will end after defeating him.



  • None