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Naryu Temple
Naryu Temple.jpg
Naryu temple map.jpg
Boss Grave Robber Boss Han Woomul/Shining Ironfang Lord
Maximum Party 6
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Cross Server Matching No
Recommended AP N/A
Required Level N/A
Recommended Level N/A
Region The Scorching Sands
Nearest Windstride The Dry Docks
Daily Quest [[{{{daily}}}]]

Naryu Temple is a normal dungeon located northwest of The Dry Docks, sitting adjacent to Shadowmist Crypt in The Scorching Sands, the Cinderlands.


The Naryu Temple hosts a large number of automatons, mechanical entities that run off the power of soulstones. However, the power and value found within the Naryu Temple attracts numerous thieves and grave robbers. The daily quest More Power! requires the player to push forward past these thieves and destroy the automatons to obtain the orbs that power them. There is no dynamic quest associated to the Naryu Temple.

The Naryu Temple consists of two large areas; the first is simply an open field where Grave Robber Boss Han Woomul and his lackeys are residing. The second hosts a circle of Terracotta Soldiers and the three Ironfang Automatons.

The fights are fairly straightforward but note that Han Woomul can summon more soldiers as they die. The only thing to note for the second part is that as more Shining Ironfang Lords are activated, the number of Stone Soldiers will go up as well.

There are three outfits available in this dungeon as drops; they are Mane of the Ironfang Lord, Grave Raider and Apron of Vanity.


Bosses Level HP Monsters
Grave Robber Boss Han Woomul 30 39,160
  • Elite Grave Robbers (Melee)
  • Elite Grave Robbers (Ranged)
Shining Ironfang Lords x 3 31 10,989
  • Terracotta Soldiers


Mane of the Ironfang Lord
Grave Raider
Apron of Vanity
Healing Tonic
Jackal Accuracy Soul Shield
Locked Cinderlands Weapon Chest
Sculpture Block Soul Shield
Sealed Cinderlands Earring
Sealed Cinderlands Necklace
Sealed Cinderlands Ring
Sealed Steel Axe
Sealed Steel Bangle
Sealed Steel Dagger
Sealed Steel Gauntlet
Sealed Steel Staff
Sealed Steel Sword
Stone Sentinel Block Soul Shield