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Naryu Empire
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The Naryu Empire existed over a thousand years in the Earthen Realms, and was best known for harnessing the power of Soulstones to create technology that allowed them to rule the entire world. Unfortunately, this also resulted in opening a bridge to the Dark Realm and consequently Dark Chi and its accompanying demons flowed into the world. Currently, it no longer exists and only ruins remain in the Cinderlands.

Many of their automatons are stored, hidden inside incredibly dangerous dungeons filled with death traps, such as the Naryu Labyrinth and the Sundered Nexus.

The Naryu Empire operated in ways similar to common kingdoms and empires. The Naryu King had many wives and concubines, but only one of his sons could ascend to take his place. Mushin was last in line, on top of being the bastard son of a concubine. He virtually had no chance of becoming king, as even though his father did not differentiate between him and his brothers, his brothers resented him for being the strongest among them despite not being of pure royal blood, and consantly tried to minimize the chances of Mushin becoming king, even going as far as to accuse him of treason.

However, due to The Naryu Empire destroying itself through abuse of Soulstone power, noone became the successor of The Naryu King.

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