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Title Stratus Empress
Faction Stratus Empire
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Race Jin
Gender Female
Class [[]]
Profession [[]]
Location Stratus Haven
First Quest
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Namsolyn (Korean version: Nam Seolrin) was Empress of the Stratus Empire and wife of late Stratus Emperor Wan shortly before the rise of the Talus Dominion. She was described as being very talkative and cheerful, able to sing and dance. She was one of the few people to get close to and bring out Yunma Kahn's less serious side. Her daughter, Namsoyoo is described as having an uncanny resemblance to the late Empress.


Namsolyn grew up alongside a young Yunma Kahn, who was slowly rising in the Stratus Army ranks. They planned to get married when he became general, however, she was selected to become Stratus Emperor Wan's wife. As Stratus Empress, she bore the Emperor a daughter, Sup Soyoo.

When the Stratus Empire began falling apart, she fled with General Yunma Kahn to Stratus Haven, finally able to be with the one she loved. However, they were abruptly attacked by mysterious assassins of the Ebondrake Cult. As Stratus Royal Bodyguard Dochun, Yunma Kahn, and her new bodyguard fought off the assassins, she refused to leave without her baby who was still inside the burning Stratus Annex. Yunma Kahn and Lieutenant General Gubong escorted Namsolyn to safety as Dochun and the new bodyguard went to rescue the infant.

Fearful of the baby's safety, Sup Soyoo's death was staged and the infant was renamed Namsoyoo. Namsoyoo was sent to Songshu Monastery for a while before Dochun adopted her and brought her to Bamboo Village. Namsoyoo was never told of her royal heritage and raised as a commoner, despite having dreams of grandeur and a comfortable lifestyle.

Afterwards, Yunma Kahn founded the Talus Dominion and made Namsolyn his Empress. Yunma Kahn recalled her sadness at losing her daughter. She died giving birth to Princess Yunma Fei.